Hybrid Songbird

by Ava Victoria

Released 1998
Released 1998
Musical Theater; Cabaret; vocals & guitar; standards, Pop
Hybrid Songbird reflects Ava's own surprising nature with its mix of bluesy guitar, folk, poignant ballads, and classic showtunes. Though most of the Musical Theater vocals are accompanied on piano there is one Musical Theater song, "Words She Doesn't Say" and one Movie song, "Baltimore Oriole" arranged and played on guitar by Ava.

An interview at http://www.budandtravis.com warmly tells of Ava's love of guitar and vocals and her years with Bud Dashiell ( Bud and Travis from Warner Bros. Records) in Westwood,CA..

"I Won't Send Roses", accompanied by world renown vocal teacher, Edward Sayegh, has a lyric rewrite from Jerry Herman himself for Ava's recording. She's the first woman to record this song with this lyric rewrite.